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Clients include BBC, National Geographic, Oxygen, CBC, CTV, Discovery Channel, Corus, Life Channel, TSN, CGTV, Alliance Atlantis and independent producers and production companies
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Theme and Background Music

"Where will $100 take you? This eclectic series travels the world and, although we visit every continent except Antarctica, this is no ordinary travel show." (click to view clip)
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Theme and Underscore

The Last Rite illustrates how Muslims, Hindus and Buddhists ritualize death. In this documentary we spend time in mosques, Buddhist temples, and ashrams to gain knowledge into the meaning of death and life. (click to view clip)
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Music Score

Produced by Chuck Scott and Graham Peddie... A pair of physicians from the CDC are confronted with a sinister epidemic. Is this the beginning of the end?
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Music - Credit Track

"This is a horror film that focuses on atmosphere and character exploration as the source of tension and fear, with minimal violence or particularly gruesome imagery. It’s the sort of story that reminds you that the most disturbing things are the ones that go on in people’s minds."
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Theme Music

Television Series written/created by David Cooper Produced with Bird Beak Films and
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Trailer / Score

Recorded at CBC/Glenn Gould Studio
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